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LePing JunCheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a branch of Shanghai Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd., whose technology is developed by East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Institute of Chemical Business Division. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.

LePing JunCheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in July, 2016, and is located in Tashan Industrial Park of Leping City in Jiangxi. The park is dominated by chemical industry, and the surrounding units can provide abundant and cheap basic resources. The surrounding highway network is developed, and the enterprise development space is extremely broad. The company mainly processes and operates aluminum chloride series products, ferric chloride series products, ferrous chloride series products mainly. The company currently has a lot of excellent technical personnel, mature market channels, good corporate reputation. In the spirit of integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm for the purpose, we are willing to partner with the common development and growth, to pursuit of better products.

Company quality policy:
Strengthen the quality of staff, strict process management, continuous improvement of quality, to meet customer needs.

Company quality objectives:
According to the requirements of quality standards, establish a relatively complete quality system, quality assurance capacity to achieve balanced, stable to meet customer needs of products.

Our tenet:
Strive to create first-class product brand, first-class management level, first-class management service. Welcome people from all walks of life to trade, hand in hand to advance, mutual benefit and common prosperity.

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